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Information provided by his son, Martin Barratt and reproduced with his permission

Great pics on here about the Caterpillar Club pins.

Here's my Dad's, still boxed,

plus his certificate and a letter from Leslie Irvin.

I've also got the original telegram saying that he was missing

and then the follow up saying he was a POW.

The handwritten scrap was sent to his parents from Barth in Germany after he was shot down - he broke both ankles and damaged his back.

Interesting his note about treatment - in hospital he was treated well (although when cut down from the tree he landed in, the soldiers stole his boots, watch, rings, wallet and cigarette lighter)......life at Heydekrug and Gross Tychow was a different matter entirely of course and he took part in the 'Run up the road' where POWs were beaten and bayoneted by Kriegsmarine and, later, the Death March across a frozen Europe before being liberated by the Russians, malnourished and suffering from dysentery.