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Ken Campbell’s Story

This page is dedicated to the memory of James Kenneth Campbell and includes information and pictures provided by his nephew, Paul B Campbell. All materials are © Paul Campbell 2019.

James Kenneth (Ken) Campbell 1065510 RAFVR enlisted for the duration of hostilities on 23rd August 1940, aged 19. After almost two and a half years of training, now a qualified Air Bomber, he was posted to 102 Squadron at Pocklington on 1st February 1943, five days before his 22nd birthday.

He flew 7 missions over a period of 11 ½ weeks, the final one being the raid on Stettin on the night of 20/21 April. Over the Danish coastal town of Esbjerg his Halifax, DT747 DY-P, was hit multiple times by flak, came down in flames, and exploded at Saedding. Ken and his seven crewmates all perished. They were buried together by the Wehrmacht, with full military honours, in the graveyard at Fovrfelt where they still lie to this day.

An excellent account of Ken’s life with extensive detail of his service can be read in Paul’s account below.

Ken is in front row second from the left.

Ken & Jo

Photos of Ken before he joined 102 Squadron at Pocklington

Ken  training white band Blenheim