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Photos & Stories

Bill Saville

Bob Learmond

Huguette & 102

Harold Barratt

John Ellwood

Douglas Moon

Frank Allen

This page serves as an index to photos provided by Squadron members or their families.

If you have photos we can post please contact John Saville on john-saville@ntlworld.com

Please note that for people whose names have a yellow background you will be taken to the Barmby Moor website, where they will be listed within an aircraft crew

John Blair

The following are named in the War Graves within St Catherine's Churchyard at Barmby Moor. and mentioned on the website, where they will be listed within an aircraft crew

Frank Allen

Henry Edwin Amos

Maxwell Warnock Apperson

Thomas Archibald

Gerald Spencer Barrett

Douglas Arnold Bellerby

Victor Edward Betterton

Sydney Bruce Bintley

Charles Harold Latshaw Brown

Francis Henry Brown

William Browning

Trevor Charles Coles

Wilfred Phelps Comrie

Hugh Edwin Donson

Henry Farquharson Ley

William Hugh Fetherston

Alvah Wilkie Flansburgh Washbour

James David Garrow

John Burton Gayfer

Arthur James Graham

Michael Harold Griffith

Charles Hackney

Douglas William Francis Harper

Basil Graham Hart

William Patrick James

Osborne Bayfield LeFurgey

Clive Gordon Lord

James Matthew Maxon

John McCormack

John Allan McPhee

Douglas Charles Moon

Gerald John Morgan

John Taylor Murray

John Eric Nicholson

Basil Norris

Thomas Reid Owens

Reginald Percy Payton (405)

Michael Norman Reilly

Reginald Francis Robb

William Alan Robertson

Cecil Richard Rundle

Cyril Arthur Saunders

Henry Edward Richard Saunders

Derick Arthur Dudley Soggee

Myles Christian Campbell Squiers

William McGee Stag

George Frederick Strong

Walter Irvine Strother

Norman Watson Thompson

William Charles Thurlow

Frederick Peter Turton

Keith Winterton

Peter Wityck

The people below were not members of 102 Squadron but had associations with it.

Gordon Charlie Parry

Graham Anderson

Derrick Bill Sykes

Thomas Bennett

Alexander Weir

John Withington

Harry Hughes

Ken Campbell

Leonard Archer

Marguerite Hudson