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Forthcoming Events

This page will display information about forthcoming events

102 (Ceylon) Squadron Association Reunion  

Friday/Saturday/Sunday 7th to 9th June 2024

And events in Barnby Moor and Poclington area to celebrate D-Day 80th Anniversary

Notes from Association Secretary Harry Bartlett

As this year is the 80th anniversary of D Day, we decided to align our Reunion Weekend with the other D Day events in the Pocklington Area.

Our official Reunion Weekend is the 7th to the 9th of June, with the Reunion Dinner on Saturday the 8th of June.

Our weekend will, generally, follow the format of previous years but, this year, the venue for our Dinner is still under discussion due to circumstances beyond our control. I will be sending an email shortly with a Booking Form and more details.

We have been in contact with Barmby Moor Parish Council and Bramby Moor Communities Group, and Pocklington Town Council regarding events planned in the area.

Some of us are going up to Pocklington earlier this year to attend some of the events.

Barmby Moor Thursday 6th June:

5pm St. Catherine's Church. Anniversary Service of Reflection.

From 5:30pm Boot and Slipper Pub. A 'Fish and Chip' event ( with a donation to charity) by way of pre-booked tickets (provisionally £7)  Ticket purchase details will be advised nearer the event.

6:30pm 'Songs of the Forties' in the Boot and Shoe.

9:15pm Beacon Lighting at a location in Barmby Moor to be notified.

Barmby Moor Friday 7th June:

(Provisionally) Evening Village Dance with Pie & Pea Supper in the Village Hall. A 1940's themed dress style. This will be ticket only limited to 100 maximum. A live band will provide the music. NO BAR, bring your own drinks. Please let me know a.s.a.p. if you are interested in this, as the tickets will be sold in the village pub and post office and we will have to ask Nick Spencer to help out.

I will keep you up to date on this in the coming months.

Barmby Moor Saturday 8th June:

There will be a road closure 12 noon to 10pm in Barmby Moor for a marquee on the Green. This will be mainly for children's activities. However, Nick Spencer is hoping to get the Airfield Model into the Village Hall during the morning. He will also try to get Phil Gilbank's  102/Pocklington photograph display put up. (Can we supply Association Members to be in the Village Hall to talk to any visitors about 102?)

Barmby Moor Sunday 9th June:

1030am Assembly at St. Catherine's Church for our Memorial Service at 1045am. Followed by wreath laying in the Commonwealth War Grave Cemetery in the Churchyard. (The Airfield Service will take place afterwards around 12 noon.)


They are looking at some events over the weekend, but have not yet made any decisions as to what or how they will advertise this.

Pocklington Town:

There are no details just yet from the formal Town Council calendar.

There may be a Royal British Legion wreath laying on the 6th of June. (Awaiting information and confirmation.)

Pocklington Local History Group are looking into a talk by a professor coming over from France to talk about D Day and post D Day. More details will be forthcoming after I've had a chance to speak to Phil Gilbank.