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This page serves as an index to information about various aircraft and crews of 102 Squadron.

Crew of DY-P that crashed at Ardleigh Feb 1943

Aircraft & Crews

LW333 DY-K

Crew of DY-R was shot down on 20th May 1940 near Brissy-Hamegicourt.

DY-N piloted by Leonard Cheshire as a PO in November 1940

From the memorial to N1421, shot down near Brennenga, Sylling, Norway on the 30th April 1940

Information on these crews, some of whom are buried in the War Graves within St Catherine's Churchyard at Barmby Moor, can be found on Clare Wilson’s website.“The War Graves of St Catherines, Barmby-on-the-Moor” or by clicking on the links below

Handley Page Halifax II - W7879

Vickers Wellington II - W5589 - 405 Squadron

Handley Page Halifax II – JB848 – DY-G

Handley Page Halifax II – DT512

Vickers Wellington II – W5492 – LQ-K – 405 Squadron

Handley Page Halifax II – W7769 – LQ-K – 405 Squadron

Handley Page Halifax II – W7933 – DY-D

DY-G George

DY-G JB974

DY-V JB867 & Uffa Fox Raft

Model of DY-R Z6837

Q for Queenie

LW195 DY-H

DT747 DY-P