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RAF Bomber Command Striking Back

This is the story of the six airmen from 102 Squadron in Halifax Q for Queenie as they returned in the early hours of 26th June 1942 from Bremen having taken part in the third Thousand Bomber Raid

It has a forward by Wing Cmdr Chris Goss MA RAF Rtd who wrote “It's Suicide But It's Fun”, our 'definitive history of the Squadron, and is our speaker at the next Reunion Dinner (hopefully to be held on 5th June, 2021)

The author had been in contact with members of the Association in his research for this book.

The details for pre-ordering  Alan Measures' book, Bomber Command Strikes Back  are available on https://www.whittlespublishing.com/RAF_Bomber_Command_Striking_Back

A discount of 20% is available from the publishers to members and followers of the 102 Squadron Association:

Use code WPRAF20  at checkout.

Aternatively it is available from Amazon click here.

The book will be published in December (not 30 Aug 2020 as described by Amazon, or May on the flyer opposite)

ISBN-13 : 978-184995-456-3

Publisher : Whittles Publishing

RRP £18.99

RAF Bomber Command Striking Back, Operations of a Halifax Crew by Alan Measures