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Handley Page Halifax II –DY-G “George” JB848 took off from RAF Pocklington At about 2158hrs hrs on the 29th March 1943.

It was reported that on take-off they tried to avoid another aircraft from RAF Melbourne, but that they stalled & crashed at 2200hrs at West Green, near to the airfield.  The Aircraft burnt out & all of the crew were killed in the accident.


On board were: -

 For more information about the aircraft and each member of the crew see the entry in “The War Graves of St Catherines, Barmby-on-the-Moor”  and this article (scroll to read) “Where They Came From”.

DY-G “George”     JB848

L to R Squiers, Harper, Comrie, Dorrington & Jenkins

In May 2015 a Memorial to the crew was dedicated (reproduced from the August 2015 Newsletter)

An eye witness account of the crash reproduced from the Leicester Mercury with permission