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The GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation, was in operation from May 2017. It was a Regulation by which the European Commission strengthened data protection for individuals within the European Union (EU). On December 31, 2020, it was replaced for UK citizens by UK-GDPR (United Kingdom General Data Protection Regulation).  This left in place the main principles, obligations to minimise collection of personal data, deletion of personal data that is no longer necessary, to restrict access, and to secure data through its entire lifecycle, and rights to view data. Consequently, the legislation affects the way the Association contacts its members and stores personal information about its membership.

102 (Ceylon) Squadron Association will comply with the requirements of UK-GDPR and will request members to consent to their data being held in accordance with this policy.

The following personal information is held electronically by the Association on its members, and this information is held in the Membership Email Distribution List and Membership Spreadsheet held by the Association Secretary.

 Full Name

 Full address and postcode

 Email Address

 Contact telephone Numbers.

 Information on their connection to 102 Squadron (e.g. relative who served with dates and rank)

 Other information submitted by the member on the membership join/renewal form, or subsequently.

 Subscription information, such as date and amount paid.

 Booking and payment information for the Annual Reunion Dinner

The Association will only use members’ personal details specified above, and these will be used solely for the following purposes:

 Notification of annual renewal and Association events

 Distribution of the Association Newsletter

 Notification of other events deemed to be of interest to members (e.g. organised visits).

 Communication for the purposes of sharing research/information of common interest.

 Maintaining a record of those submitting information to the Association archive

Members who leave the Association will have their personal details (apart from name) deleted after two years of leaving the Association.

 You may have a copy of this policy by request.

 You have the right to:

o Be removed from the lists etc., but this may affect your ability to receive information about activities of the Association.

o See what information we store about you, by request to the Club Secretary, (secretary@102ceylonsquadronassociation.org) and we will provide this within 30 days.

o Have your history deleted.

o Change details of the data.

Rev 5 April 15, 2021    Approved at EGM June 4, 2021

Data Protection Policy and Privacy Statement