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102 (Ceylon) Squadron Association


The aim of the 102 (Ceylon) Squadron Association is to keep alive the history of the Squadron and those who served in it.

This will be achieved by

1. Holding an Annual Reunion

2. Commemorating Remembrance Day

3. Facilitating communication about the Squadron and its history and members by:

a. Producing a Newsletter

b. Maintaining a website

c. Using Social Media

d. Maintaining an electronic archive


1. Membership shall be open to anybody with an interest in the history of 102 (Ceylon) Squadron and those who served in it. It is anticipated this will be descendants or relatives of members, elected representatives of Barmby Moor Parish Council and the Mayor and elected members of Pocklington Town Council, bona fide researchers and current or former residents of the Pocklington area, but not exclusively.

2. Members will be required to pay an annual subscription as decided at the Annual General Meeting.

3. Veterans of the Squadron who served up to 1955 will be Life Members but will not need to pay subscriptions.

4. The role of Chaplain to the Association will be by invitation and free of subscription fees.


Amendments to this constitution may only be agreed at a General Meeting with agreement of two thirds of members present or their appointed proxy.

General Meetings

1. The Association will hold an Annual General Meeting each year on the Sunday of the Annual Reunion Weekend following the Airfield Service at the Airfield Memorial at the Wolds Gliding Club or such venue as is deemed appropriate:

a. to elect members to a Management Committee

b. to review the finances of the Association including Membership fees

c. to accept proposals from members

d. to discuss matters of interest to the members

2. Members who have paid their subscriptions during the current year will be sent a Notice of the AGM at least 21 days before the meeting and will be able to vote.

3. Other people who have expressed interest in the Squadron may be invited to attend but will not be able to vote.

4. Attendance will normally be in person, but facilities may be provided for attendance by electronic means.

5. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the Management Group or by petition to the Secretary by 30% of Members

6. The meeting will be quorate if 9 of the paid up members are present or have nominated a proxy.


Management Group

1. General running of the Association will be by a Management Group.

2. The Management Group will comprise:

a. Honorary Chairman -- who will be the ranking RAF veteran of the Squadron but it is recognised they may be unable to attend meetings or such other member duly proposed and seconded.

b. Between 3 and 7 elected members.

c. Further members may be co-opted by the Management group.

3. The Management Group will meet at least 3 times a year (in person or by teleconference).

a. The meeting will be quorate if 50% of the members (excluding the Honorary Chairman) are present.

b. In accordance with tradition the Secretary or, in their absence, an agreed ‘Facilitator’, will chair meetings of the group in the absence of the Honorary Chairman. They will be appointed for the year or on a meeting by meeting basis.

c. Meetings will be minuted. Minutes will be circulated to the membership.


There will be no permanent staff. Activities will be carried out by volunteers or by professionals offering services on a pro bono basis, or on a fee basis as agreed by the Management Group.

Dissolution Clause

1. 102 (Ceylon) Squadron Association shall be dissolved, after consultation with the membership if:

a. There are insufficient paid-up members to make the Annual Reunion and Remembrance Weekends viable.

b. The numbers of paid members are no longer able to provide sufficient paid-up members to form a Management and Administrative Group.

2. In this case the Management Group shall ensure any outstanding liabilities are cleared and any outstanding assets will be divided and  passed, in equal amounts, to the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund, St. Catherine’s Church, Barmby Moor and the Yorkshire Air Museum.

Rev 2.3    Approved at EGM June 4, 2021