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Air Force Research

We know that members of the Association often want to find out more about their relatives’ activities in the war. The Association’s archivist, Clare Wilson, has developed and published a guide with a fellow Professional Genealogist, Sarah Minney.

They both have a personal interest in Air Force Research.

You can scroll through they guide below, or download it from here. ©  Clare Wilson & Sarah Minney

If you have any questions in relation to Air Force Research do not hesitate in getting in touch, their details are shown below.

Sarah Minney is an experienced researcher based in London, not far from the National Archives at Kew.  

Sarah started using RAF records when researching her late father’s Royal Air Force service using the above records.  He served in 103 Squadron flying on bomber operations during 1943. Sarah also has good general knowledge of many other records at the National Archives as well as other London repositories.

Email  – sarahminney@gmail.com

Telephone  – 07392 767058

Clare Wilson is a Scottish based researcher ideally situated between Glasgow & Edinburgh.  Clare’s  Air Force Research  began  with the discovery that her Great Uncle was one of the Aces of WW1.   It wasn’t until she researched his younger Brother’s service with  Bomber Command during WW 2 that she became obsessed with the subject.   Having served with 102 Squadron & 35 Pathfinders Squadron his aircraft was shot down in 1943 & saw him spend the rest of the war in a POW Camp.  Clare has gone on to become Archivist for 102 Squadron & works as part of the Research team at the Aircrew Remembrance Society.

She has worked on various Air Force Research Projects, some of which can be viewed on her website & can provide talks on the subject.

Website  – – https://www.alliedairforceresearch.com/

Email via – -  https://www.alliedairforceresearch.com/contact-us

Telephone -   07523 026655

Why not join  their Facebook Group  ‘ Allied Air Force Research ’ at


©  Clare Wilson & Sarah Minney