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These pictures were taken at the Re-union weekend of September 4/5 , 2021

Later in the year than usual due to Covid-19 restrictions

Reunion Dinner September 4 in Wold Gliding Club

All photos copyright © Clare Wilson except “©JRS” which are copyright © John Saville

Reunion Weekend   September 4/5, 2021

Saturday 4th  September

Informal memorial service at the G George Memorial at the Beckside Centre, West Green, Pocklington.

  Saturday 4th  September  Dinner at the Wolds Gliding Club

Sunday 5th  September

Service at St Catherine’s Church Barmby Moor was followed by Association wreath laying at CWGC Memorial

Sunday 5th  September – Wreath laying at the airfield memorial next to the Wolds Gliding Club





The sound of a piston engine aircraft during the minutes silence was poignant rather than distracting …..