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Pocka Gen

Both aircraft crews and ground crews needed to relax and there was an active social life at RAFD Pocklington which included dabces, sports, and entertainments.

Much of this was documented in the base newssheet “Pocka Gen” which seems to have been published every couple of weeks.

One feature of the newsheets was the cartoons by F Jess Lay

We have a few copies and would love to get hold of more. Maybe there are some in your family papers?

Pocka Gen 1.2 Pocka Gen 1.4 Pocka Gen 1.6

Click on and image to go to the full Pocka Gen you can scroll through

1.2   March 1944

1.4   March 1944

1.6   April 1944

Warning: These magazines were written in a different age. Some of the words, phrases and pictures may not seem appropriate today. They are included in their original form for authenticity.

F Jess Lay Cartoons