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We would like to make you aware of the research carried out by Clare Wilson into the War Graves within St Catherine's Churchyard at Barmby Moor.

Clare is a genealogist and is the Association’s Archivist. She has researched the individuals buried there, many of whom were associated with 102 Squadron

She says "they are a lot more than just names and Dates etched in stone... these men served, fought and died for their country"

Clare has kindly given permission for us to provide links from our website to her research here. For an article about her work published in the Pocklington Post click here.

Photo by Clare Wilson used with permission

RAF Bomber Command Striking Back


The painting “Hull, Hell and Halifax” by Keith Woodcock is reproduced by kind permission of the painter

The aims of the 102 (Ceylon) Squadron Association are as follows:

a) To keep alive the history of the Squadron and its members.

b) To hold an Annual Reunion and to commemorate Remembrance Day

c) To receive subscriptions and to produce a Newsletter

This website contains much information about the Squadron but further detailed information can be found from these websites:

Congratulations to Harry Hughes, Chairman of the Association,  on his 100th birthday in August

2022 Reunion Weekend was held June 10 to 12th 2022 (click for photos)

2023 Reunion Weekend will take place June 2 to 4

You may be interested in this book published in late 2020 about a crew from 102 Squadron.

For more detail including a discount from the publishers

click here

Take a look at the Autumn 2022 Newsletter here

If you would like to see what has been updated on this website recently click here

On the 10th of August 2022 our Chairman, Harry Hughes DFC DFM celebrated his 100th birthday with his family and carers at his home in Cornwall.

Harry has been our Chairman since 2016 and, although he has mobility and speech problems, still has a great interest in our Association’s activities.

For Harry’s story click here

Some years ago Harry recorded an interview with the International Bomber Command Digital Archive which can be heard using the link:


Definitely worth a listen as he talks about his service and time in the RAF!

As an Association we wish him a very happy birthday.